7 Effective Ways Businesses Can Leverage Short-Form Video

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If you haven’t heard, short-form video is all the rage, and for good reason. Businesses are realizing the power that short-form video has not only on TikTok but on all social platforms. That’s why all these platforms jumped on the bandwagon very quickly after seeing TikTok’s success, and you should too!


54% of companies leveraged short-form video in 2022. It’s clear — Short-form video is no longer a luxury in your marketing strategy, it’s a necessity. But how can brands and content creators tap into this unlimited power? Keep reading to find out 7 effective ways brands can leverage short-form videos to take their business to the next level!


Why you need to use more short-form video content


Let’s first understand what makes short-form video content better than the rest:

  • It’s perfect for our short attention spans, making it more powerful and more memorable for viewers
  • It engages viewers like no other content at the moment, and an engaged audience is a powerful one.
  • Because it keeps viewers on their apps, social platforms prioritize short-form content in their algorithms, meaning your short-form content will get more reach.
  • It’s boosting sales across the board


7 ways businesses can leverage short-form video


We know short-form video is important, but what kinds of short-form video content can we create to gain brand awareness, build community, and boost sales and profit? Here are 7 short-form video ideas to do just that:


1. Present your product or service

Consumers buy with their eyes — seeing the product or service first establishes familiarity and increases your chances of getting a conversion. With the way most algorithms work, presenting your offers in short-form video is incredibly effective at getting your product and services in front of the eyes of your ideal buyers. Plus, you can clearly showcase your unique selling points. 


2. Share testimonials and success stories

Social proof is an incredibly powerful tool at encouraging potential customers to convert. So sharing a video of one of your customers or clients sharing their success story and how you solved their problem will show viewers that you can do the same with them.


3. Showcase your brand story

People connect to stories, so share your story and what it took to get to where you are today. Being vulnerable with your viewers is one of the best ways to form connections.


4. Educate and inform

Build credibility and become an expert in your niche so that you become the go-to source of advice whenever your viewers have questions. Educational content is also sharable and savable, contributing to your brand awareness.


5. Glimpse behind the scenes

Viewers love seeing content that’s relatable and personal. So share the faces behind the brand and give viewers a peak behind the curtain — the more they know and understand about your brand, the more they trust, and the more likely they will buy from you.


6. Do some trends

As the Queen of TikTok Trends, I of all people know the power trends offer your business online. If you recreate a trend early enough and cater it to your niche, they are one of the most effective ways to reach wider audiences and grow your community. Plus, they can be really fun and entertaining. Trends are fun and easy video content to make, just don’t make ALL your content around trends. Your audience wants a variety of content too!


7. Answer FAQs

Speak directly to your viewers by answering some of the biggest questions in your niche or even making a video on a specific comment. This helps build personal connections with your target audience that can turn them into loyal customers.




Short-form video is here to stay and is revolutionizing marketing strategies across the creator economy. Take advantage of these 7 short-form video ideas to gain brand awareness and increase your profits! 

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