Wave really helped me find ways to make content that wasn't only about my disabilities and illness, but also fun, inspirational and educational.

In addition to taking her online membership, meeting with Wave one-on-one really helped me grow my following from 5,000 to over 50,000 followers in under four months. She has helped me learn how to monetize my platform and provide more value to my ever growing community. I recommend Wave to everyone. She has helped me so much and I wouldn't be able to have grown my platform without her. I am forever grateful for Wave!

I worked with Wave and I would absolutely recommend her to everyone because she helped me really narrow down the type of content that I should be producing which really helped me gain focus.

I had no plan for the type of content to make. I just kind of flew by the seat of my pants and just did a day-to-day thing for whatever I felt like doing. She helped me come up with a content strategy plan to keep me focused. I would really recommend that to anybody who has problems focusing and kind of reigning in exactly what they want to be presenting to their audiences.

I definitely plan on doing another course with her. I loved it. It was super helpful. So, I will definitely be back.

Wave is a huge reason for my success on TikTok. I started following Wave when I was at about 30,000 followers and over the last eight months she's helped me grow tremendously over 100,000 followers.

I highly recommend her to anyone that's looking for a TikTok guru, social media guru or someone that knows what they're talking about. You absolutely want to work with her. It is worth every single penny. Anytime I'm looking for a content idea or I might just be stuck, I go to Wave’s page and immediately my views start going up. I absolutely recommend working with Wave!

When I reached out to Wave, I had no idea how to pitch myself as a content creator to big brands. She helped and guided me through the whole process and I was able to close some HUGE deals with brands that could only dream about it before.  It allowed me to become a full time content creator!

She also helped me gain a lot of confidence in sharing my stories to inspire others and to be in front of the camera even with my strong Italian accent. So, I will definitely recommend her to whoever wants to start to monetize their TikTok account.

Working with Wave was the absolute best decision that I made hands down. I went from not even knowing how to open the app to making two videos a day and having great conversion to sales.

I really found that her attentiveness and her availability was amazing. She would reply to my questions and always look over my videos before I posted them within and hour of sending them to her.  She knows her stuff, she's really a master of this entire platform and more, and she is really there to help you achieve the best.

Wave taught me to look more at what was important, so really being authentic, posting content that would resonate with the people that I wanted to attract and building a loyal customer following as opposed to just wanting to go viral.

So, if you're wondering if you should work with Wave, this is your sign. Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. She's awesome, she's nice, she's kind, and she really wants you to succeed. Work with Wave, you're going to see it all do wonders for your business. Thank you Wave and good luck to everyone who wants to work with her. It is definitely the best thing you will do.

The reason why I reached out to Wave was because I tried TikTok before and didn't get any results. I didn't want to restart the whole process without help and having her guidance and support.  I went from zero followers to around 6,000 followers in one month and I continue to grow nearing 20 K! 

On top of that, I also made three, 1:1 coaching sales, so I got back my investment in the program 3x over!

I really learned from Wave how important it is to be mindful of the language that you use to create that hook and to get your audience to watch the videos and you know, sort of relate to you. In addition to that, really having a structure with creating my TikTok videos week over week.

I absolutely recommend Wave to others. I would not have gotten the result as quickly as I would have gotten if I didn't invest my time with her. Because again, TikTok is a platform that takes a lot of time and a lot of your energy and can be demotivating when you don't know what you're doing. But having her support there and accountability really kept me on track and led to consistent results. So, Thanks, Wave!

Wave’s account was one of the first accounts I followed and without her trend alerts, tips and how-to videos, I probably wouldn't have stayed on the app.

Wave helped me share my story, grow my account, and even when I was feeling lost, she helped me stay on track. In less than a year I've reached almost 150,000 followers and recently got verified on TikTok and I wouldn't have been able to do any of that without Wave's help.

The last trend alert I used of her a week ago has currently got me 2.3 million views and counting Wave is gonna help me in the next step of my journey as I grow my account into a coaching business.

To anyone new to the platform or trying to grow their account I highly recommend Wave Wyld. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Wave!

Wave has been an incredible part of my growth on TikTok and also just my growth of my business in general because of TikTok.

I started following Wave when I first got on the platform and I really, really benefited from a lot of free advice, the amazing videos she was doing on her TikTok page, but then I decided to take it up a notch and join her mentorship program.

It was honestly the best decision I ever made because not only did I grow over 30,000 followers but also the tips and strategies that she taught me, I've been able to take with me and continue to grow since we last worked together.

She's an incredible human being, very responsive and very easy to work with, and I highly recommend working with Wave.

I had quite a few viral videos but my problem was that I wasn’t getting the followers from the viral videos. Wave taught me techniques that changed my page from 48,000 to 136,000 followers.

The best part about Wave is not only did she teach me great strategies, but she also taught me how to deal with all the brands that are now reaching out to me. I am so overwhelmed with brand deals, but now I know what to do and what to say thanks to Wave.

# 1, Wave thank you so much for all of your help, and #2 If you're looking to grow your account then Wave is the right one for you.

Working with Wave helped me quadruple my followers in under a month just by using a couple of tweaks that Wave taught me.

Our session was jam packed full of information and I have used the recording that she offered me so much since we worked together. I come from a background of working with Instagram and so what I noticed with my growth before working with Wave was that I was trying to utilize that style on TikTok,  and it just wasn't quite working.  The changes we made were incredibly supportive.

I'm really, really thankful. It was a wonderful experience working with Wave.

While working with Wave I grew my account more than double!  I went from 17,700 followers to 37,000 followers.

Wave specifically helped me to make content that was directly actually about my business, not just relying on trends and if I were to use trends to make trends more interesting and to use trends to sell.

My views have gone up, before the most I've had in views were 50,000 views and now I have about 3 - 4 videos with over 150,000 views and one video over 1 Million views and all that was because I was working with Wave.

So, I highly recommend working with her. She really listens to what you want rather than trying to force something onto you. She helped me to improve my content and engage my customers better. I highly, highly recommend working with Wave Wyld, thank you so much.