10 Effective Marketing Tips For Beginner Marketers

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Are you a newbie business owner looking to master the art of marketing your business, spreading brand awareness, and generating new leads? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
I was a newbie business owner myself once, and let me be honest — I had no clue what I was doing. But after years of lots of mistakes, hard lessons, and major victories, I’ve managed to grow my business into a 6-figure company and build an audience that loves and engages with my brand. I picked up a few marketing tips and tricks along the way that led to my success.
So here are my top 10 effective marketing tips for beginner marketers looking to take their business to the next level:

1. Experiment with short-form videos

The power of short-form videos in marketing has become undeniable with the boom of TikTok and the subsequent Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts. It’s clear that people love consuming content that’s short, punchy, and engaging — and short-form video does the trick. Short-form video content is no longer a marketing luxury, it’s a necessity, especially if you’re trying to grow your audience quickly. So hop on TikTok and watch the wonders it can do for your business.

2. Share your brand’s story

With my background in personal branding and brand image, I of all people know the power of storytelling when it comes to you and your brand. People love seeing the face behind the brand. It allows them to connect with your business on a human and personal level. So share your face, your journey, your mission, and your aspirations, and start building those long-lasting relationships with your audience.

3. Create an ideal customer profile

If you want your marketing message to hit home, you have to be aiming for a pretty specific target. You do this by defining your own ideal customer profile which is basically a description of the perfect person who’s most likely to buy from your business.
Think — a new women business owner in her 20s-30s with a determined entrepreneurial spirit, but she isn’t sure where to start to get her business off the ground. Once you have a clear image in your head of who you’re targeting, all you have to do is speak directly to them as if they’re standing right in front of you.

4. Build your community

This is one of my main marketing mantras — focus on community. Trying to get your business noticed or viral quickly by shouting aimlessly into the void will not help your business in the long run. What you want to do is focus your marketing efforts on your target audience, catering all your content to give your community what it wants. Even a small engaged community can give your business the boost it needs to succeed.

5. Focus on your customers problems

The best way to hit your target audience directly is to hit them where it hurts — yes, I’m talking pain points. These are problems, struggles, or pains your audience has to go through that you can relate to. For example, the struggle of finding effective and sound marketing advice with so many different opinions online. You take this pain point and present your offer, advice, and brand as the solution. They might not even know they had a problem until you put it into words and handed them the perfect solution.

6. Stand out from your competitors

A unique selling point (USP) allows you to cut through the deafening noise within your niche and get your brand’s voice heard. Mine, for example, is my TikTok Trend Report newsletters. While I started the TikTok Trend Alert Movement, many other TikTok creators jumped on the bandwagon.
So how do I stay ahead of the game? I make Trend Reports better than the rest with two newsletters a week, a wide range of trends for all niches, and speedy and accurate trend predictions (often before even TikTok picks it up). Once you find your USP, you can use it to convince your audience why they should come to you and not your competitors.

7. Capitalize on the different channels

You can no longer only use one marketing channel. With audiences spread out so wide across the internet, you want to make sure you’re giving your business the best chance of reaching your entire target audience.
This includes social media marketing (using multiple platforms that suit your audience), email marketing with a regular newsletter or product launch, paid advertising, and content marketing with a blog. Focus on the ones that best relate to your audience, and more specifically, where you’ll find your ideal customer.

8. Take advantage of SEO techniques

Like short-form videos, SEO is no longer a luxury in digital marketing, especially if you’re capitalizing on content marketing. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is essentially the art of getting your web pages to rank highly on organic search results.
No one ever clicks to the second page on Google when searching for something. So if you’re not on the first page for a particular keyword, your webpage might as well not exist. With so many SEO techniques out there, this is a marketing strategy you want to dive head first into.

9. Be consistent with your content

The only way you’ll see consistent growth from your marketing efforts is if you’re consistent with your content. By establishing a regular marketing routine, you’ll see a steady stream of fresh leads flowing into your business. This means consistency on all fronts of your marketing efforts with its socials or blogs. Keeping this constant contact with your leads ensures they stick around and don’t forget you.

10. Attract new leads with a freebie

What’s the best way to get free fresh leads? Give something free in return. Many marketers underestimate the power of a good freebie. Whether it’s a TikTok guide or snippet of an online course, giving your audience a small peace offering makes it easier for them to give you something in return, opening a world of opportunity. With that one freebie, you can now establish yourself as an expert, build a long-term relationship, gain a new point of contact, and market your offer without them realizing — it’s a win-win for everyone!
Hopefully, you can slip these tricks up your sleeve and use them to get your business booming. They’ve not only helped dramatically boost my marketing efforts but have helped earn my clients thousands of dollars.
If you’re a newbie marketer looking to burst onto the TikTok scene as one of your leading marketing strategies, then check out my online courses that teach you everything from TikTok basics to beating the algorithm and converting views into sales in my TikTok Profit Lab.

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