What Is a Target Audience and How to Find Yours on TikTok

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 Trying to market your business but don’t know where to aim? Well, that’s where your target audience comes in. Throwing your marketing message in any and every direction, hoping to catch an interested audience member unfortunately doesn’t work. If you really want your marketing to pack a punch and hit the bull’s eye, you’re going to have to know who you’re talking to and also where to find them.
And at the moment, if you want to find your audience, there’s no better place than on TikTok — everyone and their grandmas have jumped on the TikTok bandwagon. Whether you sell climbing pads for rock climbers or help young women manage their financials, there’s a thriving and flourishing niche on TikTok waiting for you to join them!
But before we get into how you can find your target audience on TikTok (with 8 powerful tips), let’s first talk about what a target audience is and how to define your own.
What is a target audience?
Your target audience is the group of people that have the most potential of loving your brand and ultimately, converting into customers. They often share some sort of characteristic or interest that you can use in your strategy to perfectly suit your audience.
How to define your target audience
The best way to define your target audience is to create a buyer persona. What’s a buyer persona you ask? Well, it’s essentially narrowing your target audience to one or a few specific people that you can clearly visualize and understand.
Creating a buyer persona is important because instead of trying to speak to hundreds or even thousands of people and suit all of their needs and wants, you just have to speak to one. And if you do your job right, your buyer persona should cover the majority of your target audience or at least your most qualified members. If you target your marketing message straight at this one person, most people in your audience will feel as if you’re talking directly to them
For example, if you have a gorgeous, sustainably manufactured, and inclusive swimsuit line, a possible buyer persona could be:
  • Young woman in her early twenties
  • She lives near the beach, loves spontaneous sunrise swims, and lying on the sand catching a tan
  • She cares about the environment and will likely pay a bit more to ensure it’s ethically sourced
  • She’s struggling to find a swimsuit that makes her feel comfortable, confident, and fierce in her body
Can you picture her in your mind? I can! And she’s out there, waiting for your to give her exactly what she wants. All you have to do is find her!
How to find your target audience on TikTok
So, you’ve defined your target audience, now what? Well, now you get out there and find them on the biggest and most popular platform — TikTok!
Here are my 8 top tips that will attract your target audience on TikTok like a moth to a flame!
  1. Put out what you want to attract: The TikTok algorithm is pretty good at getting your content where it needs to be — focus on your content, make sure it always provides value, and ensure it authentically reflects your brand
  2. Know your hashtags: Find your niche-specific hashtags and use them to your advantage — they not only tell the TikTok algorithm what your content is about but it makes it much easier for users interested in those hashtags to find your content and your business
  3. Leverage trends: Recreating TikTok trends helps to put your brand front and center of your niche, if you know how to find the latest trends and craft them to suit your niche
  4. Focus on pain points: Sometimes you’ve got to hit it where it hurts — think about the specific problems or struggles your audience has and use them to attract their attention and position your offer as the perfect solution
  5. Step into their shoes: To really know your audience, you have to think like them — what time do they go on TikTok, what type of content are they likely to engage with, what do they want to hear?
  6. Engage, engage, engage: The best way to draw your audience in is to engage with them in any way you can by talking with them in the comments, answering their dms, and going live — it also helps you build a powerful community that converts
  7. Check out your analytics: Don’t be afraid to experiment and use your analytics as a guideline to see what works and what doesn’t
  8. Team up with other creators in your niche: We’re all in this together! Band with your fellow content creators and let their audience become yours — that’s how you create a supportive community that helps to lift each other up!
You’re all set! It’s time to start your TikTok adventure and search for the perfect audience for your brand. And don’t forget to center our marketing strategy and message around your target audience once you’ve found them. Do that, and your business will be soaring through the roof in no time!
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