5 Common Mistakes TikTok Content Creators Make in 2022

business tiktok tips Sep 15, 2022
Are you stuck in the 200 to 300-views club? Do you feel like your videos should get higher views, but they're not?
Below I’ve listed some common mistakes I see creators make. Follow this advice and you will be on your way to more views and exposure on your short-form video content.
TikTok mistakes

1. They don’t have a strong hook

I’ve said this before in other blogs. Hooks are the #1 way to get views on your TikTok videos. Attention spans on TikTok are super short. You need to get them to stop scrolling and get their attention. A hook is defined as something you do or say in the first 3 seconds to get a viewer's attention. Notice article headlines in the news?? This is a great source of inspiration for hooks. Get creative with your copy and spark curiosity.

2. They use too many stickers and filters

There’s a lot of interface on the TikTok screen. It’s overwhelming to the viewer if you’re using multiple stickers, filters, and gifs — it pushes people to scroll. However, they can be used to help you make an impact on a point you’re making. Use them sparingly and timed out with text or your verbal language to help your point stand out.
It’s OK to use filters and effects that are a part of a trend or piece of original content, but if you’re using heavy filters that drastically change your skin tone or make-up, it can be off-putting to viewers and look like you're trying to hide something. TikTok is all about authenticity in the moment. Just show up as you, make-up or no make-up that’s OK, just ditch the filters that make you look unrecognizable.

3. They’re not edited

It’s important to keep your videos entertaining and fast-paced to watch. This all comes down to editing. Cut up your sentences, change your camera position or angles from clip to clip, and use text timed out to what you are staying, whether it’s closed captions or text in the app used with the set duration feature.

4. They are not educational, entertaining, or make people feel an emotion

If you make educational content, it needs to be highly valuable. If it’s the same information other people in your niche are providing, how can you add more value and be different? Make sure your content really solves the problems your ideal client struggles with. If you’re not sure what those problems are, talk to them. Create content that hits on these pain points, that they can relate to, and that invokes an emotional response. Present your content and your offer as the perfect solution to their problem — you've got to give the people what they want.

5. Not optimizing for TikTok SEO!

The TikTok algorithm has changed — optimizing your video for searchability is key to getting quality views! When people search for information or products, they’re highly likely to convert into a follower or customer. Use keywords in your captions, hashtags, text on screen, verbal language, and closed captioning. These are all data points the algorithm uses. Check out this video — How to use TikTok SEO — to learn everything you need to know.


There you have it! Now that you know the most common TikTok mistakes, you’ll see that they’re actually pretty easy to avoid if you know what you’re doing. And without them standing in your way, you’ll have a step up above the rest, giving your TikTok account the best chance to thrive.
But if you really find success in not only your views but your entire TikTok, you’re going to need a little extra help. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses not only avoid the TikTok flops, but I’ve also helped them make all the right decisions that lead them to TikTok success! Book a 1:1 call today and let’s work together to take your TikTok to the next level.

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