7 Tips to Boost your Engagement on TikTok

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Are you posting a lot of content on TikTok but lacking the engagement to get your business to boom? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as casting content into the sea of TikTok and hoping some lucky viewers bite. You’ve got to optimize your content to draw in your viewers and push them towards engagement.
And, you’re in luck — I’ve got some powerful engagement techniques up my sleeve ready to captivate your audience and get them to interact with not only your content but your business too.

Why engagement is so important on TikTok

Most content creators on TikTok focus on the followers, the views, the For You Page, the viral hits. But all of this means nothing when your viewers aren’t interested in or engaging with the content you’re putting out there. It all comes down to the inner workings of the TikTok algorithm.
TikTok wants its users to stay on the app as long as possible. So it only makes sense that the algorithm favors content that gets TikTok users to engage and stay on the app longer. The algorithm rewards engaging content by helping it reach more viewers. Therefore, more engagement = more views = more exposure = more chances to grow. It’s really a win-win for everyone!
And if you need more reasons, engagement is essential for your business’ success. Your goal on TikTok is to generate fresh, qualified leads, guide them down your funnel, interact with your business, and ultimately make a purchase. This is all impossible without engaging content.
The most powerful key to unlocking your engagement? Community.

Community = Engagement

Unlike virality, community offers your business a constant flow of engagement and growth. Just think about it. Who do you think is more likely to engage with your brand — a random viewer who saw your video on their feed or a fan of your brand that never misses a video and loves what you and your business stand for? Clearly an active community member right? That’s why I’ve always preached the community over virality approach. It not only boosts your engagement but earns you long-term relationships and grows your business like crazy.
So the first step to growing your engagement is growing your powerful community.

Top 7 effective tips to improve TikTok engagement

Other than building a bad-ass community, there are some really effective tricks that you can implement today that will get your engagement soaring.

Here are my 7 top tips for boosting your engagement on TikTok:


Be active in the comments

Comments present the perfect place to interact with your viewers and encourage them to interact with you. Make sure to respond to all comments, especially with a question when you can. But remember, the only way this works is if you’re authentic — people love genuine interactions and can sniff out faked interest a mile away.

Create shareable content

Your content should have thumbs itching towards the share button — this only further extends its reach. The most shareable types of content are lists. For example:
  • 5 ways to do…
  • 10 tools to help you…
  • 3 free tools to…
People love sharing cool hacks and helpful tools, so educational content is the way to go.

Use engagement-based call-to-actions (CTAs)

You don’t always have to ask for a follow. Mix it up a bit and use a CTA that stimulates different kinds of engagement, hitting each aspect of your business. It could be a like, a comment, or even an invitation to follow the link in your bio.

Capitalize on rhetorical questions

Is it even possible to not subconsciously answer a rhetorical question in your head? You’re doing it right now, aren’t you? I should stop, right? The power of questions in your content is undeniable. If there’s one thing viewers can’t do, it’s leave a question unanswered. So make sure to ask a question at the end of your video or as a first comment. This will immediately get your viewers thinking and engaging.

Connect through live streams

Live streams are your direct ticket to your audience. Not only is it in real-time, but there are so many engagement tools that allow you and your live viewers to interact with each other. This establishes a clear line of engagement for your viewers to tap into while watching your next video.

Create your own TikTok challenge

By creating a challenge for your viewers that’s catered to your niche and audience, paired with your branded challenge hashtag, you get direct engagement from your community, plus extra exposure to all of their audiences as well.

Tell a compelling story

Nothing captivates an audience like a good story. Take this opportunity to share your story and the story of your brand, using storytelling techniques to draw in the viewer, get them engaged, and help them fall in love with your brand.
Using these engagement techniques, you can watch your views, and more importantly, your business skyrocket. On TikTok, there’s nothing more powerful than an engaged community. So let’s beat the TikTok algorithm at its own game with engagement as our secret weapon and take your business to the next level.

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