SEO for TikTok in 2024: How to Optimize your Video Content

Did you know that 40% of Americans use TikTok as a search engine? Have you ever wondered how you can get your target audience to find your content?

User behaviour on TikTok is changing. People are searching for information to help solve their problems, get opinions on a product, find a great local restaurant, or get inspired and plan their next vacation. 

In this episode of the Social Pulse Podcast I share how Social Media Managers can drive more product views on TikTok.

Using TikTok SEO is all about optimizing your video content to be more discoverable on the platform and increasing the chances of people finding your videos. It's similar to SEO for websites but focused on TikTok's algorithm and search features.

TikTok SEO can help you:

  •  Get discovered by a wider audience: By optimizing your videos, you can ensure they appear in search results and on the For You Page (FYP) of users interested in similar content.
  •  High quality views: Get more qualified viewers interested in your products and highly likely to purchase
  •  Attract new followers: Increased visibility can lead to more profile views and follower growth.

To effectively rank higher in search results you needs to optimize keywords, hashtags, verbal and written language, but it's also crucial to understand how to use the new Creator Search Insights Tool to help with content recommendations and trending topics.

In fact, TikTok is quickly becoming a search engine that is competing with Google and acts much like YouTube. Meaning your educational content has a long shelf live. Many of my own videos on TikTok tips posted 1 -2 years ago are still getting engagement and followers. Here’s what one of my students had to say after I taught her how to optimize her content for SEO before she left TikTok on a three month break.


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