5 Ways to use the TikTok Creator Search Insights Tool to Get More Views & Followers

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In mid March 2024, TikTok released a new tool called Creator Search Insights along with the Creator Rewards Program

Essentially, this tool found inside the TikTok app tells you what content you should be creating for your niche. This data is based on what people are searching for and what content topics there are not enough of.

TikTok has been improving its search functionality over the past few years, as searching for content and information has become a common user behavior.  One study found that 74% of Gen Z internet users use TikTok for search and 51% favor it over Google, primarily due to its short-form video format.

Additionally, TikTok updated analytics to display how much traffic from search your videos are generating along with data on ranking, impressions and click through rates. 

Optimizing your video content to rank in search results is extremely important for business owners as your target audience is searching for information and answers related to their problems or your products or services. 

Therefore, if you haven’t started using this tool, don’t sleep on it! Follow the tips below and start leveraging your content for more discoverability, views and growth.

5 Ways to use the Creator Search Insights Tool:

First, to find the tool go to your search bar in TikTok and type, "creator search insights" then click on the red button, "view now".


1.  Content Ideas

Tap on "For you" and then go to recommended topics. These are popular topics people are searching for and what people want.

Click on related videos and watch the highest performing videos and use that as a viral formula to create your own, without directly copying word for word, or cut to cut.

2. Content Ideas that TikTok is Favoring in the Algorithm

Tap on "For you" and click the downward arrow. Choose "Content gap" for topics that TikTok wants more content on (because people are searching for it) and will push out to more viewers.

Click on "searches by followers" to see exactly what topics your audience is searching and looking for and therefore, wants more of.


3. Find Trending Topics on TikTok

Tap on trending topics, to discover the hottest topics people are making content about on the app and think about ways you can leverage these topics. You can also tap on the arrow and find trending topics related to your niche.

4. Search Keywords in your Niche and Identify Popularity

Use the search bar and enter keywords for your niche to find more content topics that are in demand. This will help give you more ideas and direction on what content topics you should create.

5. Use These Keywords in Your Video Content

Now that you know what keywords and topics are popular, you need to optimize your video content so that you can rank higher in search terms.

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