5 Ways to Get Your TikTok Videos on the FYP

Getting your video on the FYP isn’t as simple as making it onto a singular list; there is an FYP page for everyone. With over a billion users, that means there are billions of iterations of the FYP. As a content creator, your goal is to get yourself onto as many of these homepages as possible.

What is FYP?

Before we dig into the topic, we need to know why we care about the FYP.
FYP, short for “For You Page”, is the “landing page” of TikTok. Every user has their own version of the feed, and it’s catered to fit their individual history and interests. A user who frequently watches crafting videos will have more artsy and DIY videos on their FYP, while a user with a penchant for cars and racing will likely see more garage-based content.
Like the main page, the importance of the FYP cannot be understated. The FYP is the heart of the platform’s discoverability-based content model. When you land on someone’s FYP, it means you’re relevant to their interests. Being on someone’s FYP also dramatically increases your exposure, as it is an organic source of views and engagement.
So, we now know that we want to be on the FYP. How do we get there? Today, I’m serving up five awesome tips on making sure your videos make it to as many FYPs as possible.

1. Have a Hook

Creating content online is a bit like fishing. You’re casting your line and hoping someone will bite. This means that you’ll need a hook and some bait. For content creators, the wiggling worm is your video’s goal. TL;DR: you want something to grab peoples’ attention!
A good way to start crafting a hook for a video is to consider the story. Know what the goal of your video will be and figure out how to convey that in a fun and eye-catching way.
2. Use Engagement-Based CTA
Your CTA, or call to action, is just as important as the content. This is important because the more engagement you have on your videos, the more chance they will hit the FYP. You can have a CTA in your video, your caption, or both. Wherever you put it, you want it to spark discussion. The TikTok algorithm loves content that sparks a discussion. A video with a lot of interaction has a better chance of showing up on an FYP than one without.
Some of the best ways to boost engagement include:
  • Encouraging people to share the video
  • Captions such as “comment for more”
  • Asking interesting questions
  • Encouraging people to share their opinion or experience

3. Keep Content Short

The ideal video length on TikTok is between 10–15 seconds. While that seems short, you can pack a lot of action into those few seconds. This video length offers the perfect balance of opportunities to provide information and digestibility. Videos that are too short don’t tend to gain as much traction, while longer videos tend to lose viewers.
Remember: TikTok is a short-form video sharing platform. You don’t want to be the 30 second video in a sea of catchy 10 second clips. Now, not all of your videos have to be this length. However, the content you craft specifically for FYP viewing should stick to this model. You can experiment with longer videos that cater to your followers.

4. Make Relevant Content

In addition to staying within the optimal length, you also want to keep your content relevant. When something big happens, jump on the opportunity to comment! A car was launched into space? A huge ship got wedged in the Suez Canal? Scientists did surgery on a grape? If people are talking about it, make content about it! People want to share their opinions; give them an outlet.
As a word of caution, however, be careful which topics you jump onto. Be sure to do your research before you join the bandwagon, because the responses and exposure you get may not be the results you want. It’s best to adapt a hot topic or newsworthy event to your niche. Too many people have gone viral for posting content not in their niche which attracts the wrong followers and can negatively impact your account.

5. Get Reactions

Feelings speak louder than words, and that’s also true on social media. When you make a video, you want it to have an impact. Educational videos want people to leave feeling a little smarter, while comedic skits aim to provoke laughter. Whatever your goal may be, you want your videos to make people feel something.
A good way to start planning for your videos is to watch some television commercials. Take notes about the things these advertisements do to make you connect with them. Are they playing a sad song? Do they tell a good story?
Whatever the method you choose to use is, the goal will be the same: drawing engagement through connection. You can, of course, try to figure all of this out yourself. However, if you’re looking for a bit more guidance, you can always drop by and check out my lessons to help you get started.

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