The Ultimate Guide for Small Businesses on TikTok

Are you a small business looking to burst onto the marketing scene and soar to new heights? Sounds like TikTok is the perfect next step for you!
I know what you’re thinking — TikTok? Isn’t that the app where teens spend hours watching dance videos on loop? Not anymore. Known as the social app with the highest engagement rates, there’s no better place at the moment to market your business and grow your audience.
I’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and content creators starting from zero on TikTok and have subsequently seen their business explode into money-making machines with engaged communities and loyal customers — that’s what happened to me!
TikTok for small businesses
Want to take your account from zero to hero? Just follow my 4-step guide for small businesses on TikTok.

1. Define your niche

Defining a niche means defining your target audience — the group of users most likely to interact with your business and make a purchase. Whether you knit slippers for pets or teach people how to make money on TikTok… Trust me, with almost 2 billion users, you’ll find your audience on TikTok.
By situating your business comfortably in your niche on TikTok, you’ll be able to create niche-specific content, target your audience effectively, and establish yourself as an expert within your niche, becoming your audience’s go-to source for information.

2. Build a powerful community

My main mantra that I teach my clients — community over virality. It can be really tempting on TikTok to only focus on going viral, but virality is not always going to help your business. By focusing on building a powerful and loyal community, you establish an engaged fanbase with long-term relationships that lead to long-term profits. These are the people you want to champion your brand.
Engage with your community in every way that you can: comments, challenges, live streams, and other engagement tools. It shouldn’t be a community of strangers — make it a place where like-minded people can come together and connect!

3. Take advantage of TikTok trends

If you haven’t heard — I’m the Queen of TikTok trends. I not only used TikTok trends to build my own business, but I founded the TikTok trend alert movement and now help others leverage the power of TikTok trends to reach the same success. Why is recreating TikTok trends so important, especially for small businesses? They’re incredibly powerful at reaching fresh eyes and a wider audience.
If you recreate the right trend at the right time with the right unique spin to target your niche, the potential for growth on TikTok is limitless. I’ve got a secret trick to help you stay ahead of the TikTok trend game — sign up for the Inside Scoop and get trends and content ideas for TikTok Reels and Shorts!

4. Monetize your account

Let’s be real — your ultimate goal for your TikTok account and business is to make a profit. This is only possible if you monetize your account. Fortunately, you don’t need millions of followers. All you need is a small engaged community that loves your brand and what you have to offer (this is why step 2 is so important). You can then use your TikTok account to guide your community members down your sales funnel and then back up to the top again, turning your account into a money-making machine and your viewers into repeat customers.


Take these tips and use them as a launching pad to rocket your business on a trajectory towards success! TikTok can be the perfect, rich soil to plant your business and watch it flourish. All you have to do is start and commit. We all start with zero followers, and I know you have what it takes to go all the way.
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