Questions to ask before hiring a TikTok coach

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Coaches are a brilliant way to grow and expand, and TikTok coaches are no different. A good TikTok coach can be the make or break your account, revenue, and potential. But an average coach? Well, not only will you see few results but you’ll soon realize that you’re sleeping on a bed of lies (and fluff) - (sorry not sorry).
I get asked a lot of questions as a TikTok coach, by other coaches, clients, and followers, and I believe that is exactly how it should be. Everyone wants to know, what’s the secret sauce to growing on TikTok? Spoiler alert! It’s not what you think… But more about that later.

Why should you hire a coach?

A TikTok coach can provide valuable insight, support, guidance, and accountability to both you and your account. Coaching can help you clarify your long-term vision and short-term goals and improve your revenue and profits. In short, TikTok coach = WIN!
If you’re thinking of working with a coach, be clear about what your personal success looks like. TikTok coaches demonstrate their value and worth by helping clients achieve specific, measurable results. Therefore, get clear on what you want from your coach and the results you want to achieve.
There are A LOT of coaches out there so finding the best fit for you and your account may take a bit of trial and error.
These are 5 questions to ask if you’re thinking of hiring a TikTok coach:

Question: 1️⃣ What is your experience?

It’s so important to invest in a trusted source of information, especially one who's been around the block a few times. Knowing your potential coach’s experience will give you an idea of what unique skills they bring to the table. An average coach with little experience equals small growth. While TikTok is still a relatively new platform I suggest finding someone who has worked with an established list of clients. Just like anything in life, you get what you pay for. My experience with TikTok is vast. Not only have I grown my own account to over 283,000 followers but I have helped over 300 clients and students grow their TikTok accounts through my consulting and courses, with a community over virality approach. I have also consulted for Fortune 500 Companies and speak at industry conferences. With 5 million followers gained, and over 19 Million in revenue, I’m also known as the Queen of Trend Alerts, specializing in helping brands understand TikTok culture and trends.

Question: 2️⃣ Do you specialize in a specific niche?

While finding out about your potential coach’s experience, ask them if they specialize in a specific niche or area and ensure their niche will compliment yours. Some coaches may have more experience in the music industry, some might specialize in personalities and entertainment accounts. Or some (like me) specialize in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and other coaches use the app as a social media marketing tool to generate more leads and sales. It all depends on their background and personal experiences. Definitely make sure you have a coach who is familiar with your niche or industry.

Question: 3️⃣ What results have you got for clients?

Friends, a coach can talk the talk and walk the walk but if they’re not getting their client’s results, it needs to be a no from you.
Find out what tangible results the potential coach has achieved for their other clients to know the results you can expect from hiring them. Testimonials are a great way to do this. When viewing and reading testimonials look for patterns, this will tell you that the coach has definite strategies that work. Even better, ask to speak with previous clients. This is a normal request in the coaching industry and If a coach is unwilling to get you in contact with previous clients, it’s a red flag for sure!
I believe in results and I believe in adapting strategies to achieve them. Here is what one of my clients had to say, "Wave has been an instrumental piece of my account’s success, from fine-tuning my branding to teaching me how to connect with people in an immediate and impactful way. With Wave’s help, I have grown my account to over 300K in 9 months and a high engagement rate. Thank you, Wave!" (Kathleen Ashmore, Food Blogger, @katcancook)
The proof is in the coach’s pudding, friends but also in their client’s successes.

Question: 4️⃣ What is your approach to TikTok?

I don't think there's anybody who would run into a battlefield unprepared (I hope). And while TikTok is not a war, it does need some planning, processes, and insights to succeed. A good coach will have methods and strategies that form the basis of their teachings. And then will they adapt their strategy as they go, using the metrics and information gathered from your work together to constantly improve. Some coaches focus on helping you go viral and rapidly grow your account, and others (like me) are more focused on growing your account with ideal followers and making sales. This all comes down to goals. Do you want to be TikTok famous? Or do you want to grow your business and make more money?
I teach a community over virality approach to TikTok. That means I focus on the numbers that truly matter in your business. I help you tell your story, stand out from the crowd and convert followers into raving customers. Going viral is great, but going viral with intention and a community that will help your business progress is better and more sustainable long term.

Question: 5 What makes you better than other TikTok coaches?

This is not a trick question, I mean, who is going to back us if we don’t back ourselves? But even more than that, if you’re investing in a relationship for growth, you want to know that you are getting the best advice possible. Because of my background and experience with personal branding, I used the methods I teach to help me grow my own account and stand out.
I founded the "New Trend Alert" movement that other TikTok coaches now use to grow their and their client’s accounts. This is my answer to what makes me better than other coaches. Make sure the coach you are thinking of hiring has an answer that matches it, or just book a call with me here. 
In addition, I created the “Ideal Follower Attraction Method” that has helped students and clients gain 10K - 60K new IDEAL followers that turn into potential customers with just one post. These are massive, insane results and you can see more on the testimonials page of my website here 
I sincerely hope these questions help you find the right TikTok coach based your goals. Use these questions as a guide, do the research and you will be on the right track to TikTok success. If you have any other questions drop them in the comments!

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