8 Powerful TikTok Affirmations to Help Ease Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter syndrome is real! If you’re currently feeling like a fraud on TikTok, or just in life in general, you’re not alone. I wish I could sit out on this one, but I’m coming to realize that we all feel imposter syndrome sometimes, but thankfully, we can learn to manage it. I don’t always feel like the TikTok Trend Queen that I know I am. While imposter syndrome is completely normal, it still really, really sucks. Learning to manage it means it doesn’t have to be an ongoing struggle with constant hits to the ego. So let’s deep dive into what it means to have imposter syndrome and explore a really powerful method that I use to help manage my own imposter syndrome.

What is imposter syndrome?

Put simply, imposter syndrome is the persistent doubting of our abilities, thinking we don’t deserve our success, or feeling like a fraud. Interestingly, imposter syndrome was first identified in the 1970s in high-achieving women who felt like frauds. Unsurprisingly, imposter syndrome still holds back many women today, especially since a lot of us are still getting used to our rightfully-deserved seats at the table. After centuries of being told we’re not enough, sometimes those lies still manage to slip in.
Enter social media, and we now have a whole new kind of beast to battle. What if you’re not as much of an expert as your audience thinks you are? And what if your life isn't always as glamorous as it appears? Mix these wandering thoughts, a bad day, maybe some wine, and you've got yourself the perfect cocktail for imposter syndrome to thrive. But don’t worry — imposter syndrome doesn’t have to hold you and your business back forever, this battle can be won!

8 powerful TikTok affirmations to start your day

A key thing to remember about imposter syndrome is that it's not real, even if it feels so convincing sometimes. You are not a fraud, you deserve to be where you are, you know what you're talking about, you're doing great, sweety. Forgetting these things allows the imposter syndrome to seep in, so sometimes all you need is a little reminding. This is where daily affirmations come in. So here are 8 incredibly powerful daily affirmations to help you remember that you're a badass and more than just your TikTok account!

1. I don’t need to be an expert to add value

Here’s a secret tip for business owners on TikTok — you don’t need to be an expert to help someone, you just need to know a little bit more than them. As long as you’re teaching your audience something new, you’ll be providing them with more than enough value.
It’s taken years and years of trial and error, hands-on experience, and a constant drive to learn for me to confidently say that I know what I’m talking about — but there’s always more to learn. So instead of trying to strive for ‘expert’ status, I’ve built a loyal community and have helped over 300 clients step into their TikTok success. So keep learning, keep growing, keep sharing, and trust yourself to add value to your audience.
(*reminder to self).

2. My follower count does not define my value as a person

Say it again, and then say it one more time! Firstly, you are valuable, you are enough, and you are worthy — independent of what any external metric says. Secondly, followers naturally come and go, so don’t let this even affect your mood, let alone your sense of value.

3. The number of views I receive is not related to my self worth

Just as followers have nothing to do with your self-worth, neither do your view counts. Your value doesn’t rise or fall depending on whether your content is a bop or flop. You are worthy no matter what, and you better believe it!

4. I’m constantly growing, and my numbers will eventually too

Often, the numbers don’t show the whole picture. Growth on TikTok is rarely linear and often comes in ebbs and flows. And sometimes, your growth is beyond what your statistics can show you — it could be personal growth, growth in knowledge, or even growth in experience. Stay true to yourself, your brand, and your vision, and the results will come.

5. I celebrate the small, everyday victories

You’ve got to take your wins when you can! It can be easy to only focus on the major milestones and achievements but don’t forget about all the small victories it took to get there — they deserve some celebration too (I’m known for many a celebratory dance breaks any time of the day).

6. The FYP does not define me

Getting your video on the For You Page (FYP) does not mean that you’ve suddenly won TikTok. Don’t let the FYP define your TikTok journey and limit you creatively. While you want to cater to the masses, ultimately you and your vision come first.

7. The algorithm shows my videos to people who need to hear my message and engage with it

Sometimes you’ve got to have a little faith in TikTok. The algorithm may not be showing your content to the mass audience you want, but it’s showing it to the audience you need. Your content isn’t for any old riff-raff, it’s for your target audience, who will engage and interact with your brand. And this is what the TikTok algorithm is built for.

8. My goal is community, not virality

Say it louder for the people in the back, please! If you’re trying to grow your brand on TikTok, the community is the way to go. Viral followers will come and go, but your audience and community are here to stay — these are the people that really know you. So if you’re craving virality or feel like no one knows the real you, remember that community is the key to confidence. Focus on your community, the people that truly know you, and watch your imposter syndrome fade away. Here’s a post I wrote about building a powerful community on TikTok to help you out.
Affirmations aren’t the magic formula to solving all your deepest, darkest problems. However, they will serve as an essential daily reminder that things aren’t as bad as they seem and you’re doing a lot better than you thought, no matter what lies your imposter syndrome tells you.
Gaining knowledge and building on your expertise is another powerful way to curb imposter syndrome. Let’s work together to kick your imposter syndrome to the curb and show it who’s boss! Book a call here

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