5 Ways to Expand Your Business on The Tiktok App

If you haven’t made an account yet for your business on the TikTok app don’t worry! It's not too late to get started.
Tiktok is a discoverability based app and there’s lots of opportunities for you to get more exposure for your products or services.
Below are 5 things I recommend you do on TikTok to help get more followers, more leads, sales and ultimately grow your business.

1. Mix Up Your Content

One of the biggest mistakes I see business creators make is only posting one type of content. Instead, try to create short form videos that are a mix of educational and entertainment content. Your educational content should deliver value or help a viewer who is your target audience. Entertainment content showcases your personality, builds relatability and humanizes your brand.

2. Tell Your Story

Storytelling in marketing is nothing new. Coca Cola has been doing this for years and the same thing applies to short form videos. Share stories that communicate your brand mission, your inspirations, how you started your business or your own personal journey. Many of my clients have gone viral and gained hundreds of thousands of followers from sharing authentic personal stories. Kathleen Ashmore, @katcancook, a food content creator, is a perfect example. She gained over 3 million views and 200K followers with her video telling her story. Want to learn how to go viral on TikTok and gain a million followers? 

3. Jump on Trends Early

TikTok is an app built on trending content. It's important to participate in trends that can be adapted to your niche and industry. If you create trending content before it gets too popular and saturated on the FYP it will help with your growth, allow your personality to shine, and shows you partake in the spirit of the app.

4. Promote Your Lead Magnet

TikTok can be used as the top of your sales funnel. Use your link in bio to drive traffic to your offers and your lead magnet. There are many ways you can promote and encourage sign-ups. Try making a video explaining the benefits of your lead magnet and the value it offers. You can also talk about it in your livestreams and use call-to-actions to encourage your audience to sign up.

5. Fall in Love With Live Streaming

Going live is a massive part of social media marketing and it's becoming more and more popular on platforms. On TikTok you need 1,000 followers minimum to have the ability to live stream. Going live gives you the additional exposure to reach a wider audience and it gives your followers a chance to get to know you more. This is a great way for you to nurture your audience, build community and even sell!
I hope you found this content useful and it motivates you to start your account for your business.

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