10 Easy Ways to Find TikTok and Reels Trends

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It’s no secret that trends are the driving force behind social media, and they can make or break a business or creator's online presence. Keeping up with trends is crucial for staying relevant and connecting with audiences in a meaningful way. By staying ahead of the curve, businesses and creators can harness the power of trends to grow their following, build engagement, and ultimately achieve success. In this blog post, we'll explore easy ways to find the latest trends across TikTok and Reels, so you can stay on top of your social media game and take your content to the next level.

Trends versus Trending Sounds

First, let’s define what a trend is. There are many different types of trends across social media and it can be overwhelming and time consuming trying to figure out what is suitable for your account. A trend has a clear action that you need to take along with using the sound. Each sound has a punchline and by listening to the sound and watching a few videos you can determine what the punchline and action is that makes it a trend.

A trending sound is just a sound that you use in your video. There is no specific action that you must do along with the sound. Sometimes creators will use the sound along with a video format like a vlog or get ready with me video. Other times creators will turn the volume of the sound down to zero in the video because they believe the sound will “boost” their video. Although there is no data or proof that trending sounds “boost” video views. 

Other types of trends include challenges. This is where creators repeat the same thing as everyone else in the video to see how well they perform the challenge. There are also dance trends, transition trends, POV trends, duet trends, trending effects, trending hashtags, CapCut template trends, trending memes, and trending topics! Whew! I know it can seem like a lot.

Every day there is something new trending on TikTok and Reels. Hopping on the latest trends is a great way to get seen by more people and grow your audience. Here’s 10 ways to find trends and stay relevant

1.  TikTok Search Bar

When you go to the search bar, suggested trending topics will show up in a list. Topics with a red fire emoji are trending.

  1. Tap on magnify and go to search
  2. List of popular topics and trends appears on screen 

2.  Add the TikTok Trending Now Widget 

TikTok has several widgets that can help you get notifications and stay on top of what’s hot. To add the widget to your homescreen follow the steps below. 

  1. Hold your finger down on the home screen
  2. Tap the + sign in the top left corner
  3. Search TikTok
  4. Scroll to find the trending now widget

Now you will get current and daily updates on trending hashtags and challenges.

3. Reels Trends Notifications

Every so often in your Instagram notifications you will get a notice for Reels trends. Here is where they will display a list of trending sounds and hashtags indicating what is popular on the app. If you don’t get the notifications, you can also find it by tapping on your professional dashboard and scroll down to tips and resources. 

4.  Scrolling the FYP

The For you Page may be the most common way for staying on top of what’s popular on the app. When you are scrolling look for patterns and common sounds. Take note of what people are doing as “the trend”. Check the sound page and notice how many videos have been made using that sound along with the date. Those will be good indicators as to if it’s a good trend to jump on. 

5.  Scrolling the Reels Tab 

The easiest way to spot trends on Reels is to look for an arrow pointing upwards and to the right next to the sound used in a video. This indicates that it is a popular trend or trending sound. You might want to check the sound page to look at how many videos are made and see how other creators are using it for inspiration.

6.  TikTok Creative Center

In the TikTok Creative Center, you can find trending hashtags and filter by date range and the industry you’re in. Here, you can also see trending songs, creators, videos and more. You can even filter by performance metrics like engagement, popularity, region, and followers and if you toggle to the TikTok videos tab, you can filter even further by what’s hot, the amount of likes, comments and shares. 

7.  Follow Instagram Creators Official Account

The official instagram account @creators offers a weekly round up of popular trends on the app. Check their profile for the Reels Trend Report.

8. Streaming Playlists

On Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play you can type in “TikTok” into the search bar to many playlist of the most popular and trending sounds. On Spotify, TikTok even has their own official playlist with the latest and hottest sounds, sorted by region.

9.  Free Websites

 A few websites have appeared that list trending sounds like Tok Board however sometimes they are not updated frequently or just suddenly disappear.

10.  Get the Inside Scoop

This is the secret to finding the best trends for business owners and creators! Wave Wyld, The OG “Queen of Trend Alerts” who started the trend alert movement also has an affordable trend report called the  Inside Scoop. It covers the latest and hottest trends along with content ideas for TikTok, Reels and Shorts delivered directly to your inbox two times a week with over 50 trend and content ideas every week. Seriously, you will save hours scrolling or checking all the resources to find suitable trends for your niche. It includes early trends, trending sounds, CapCut trends, POV trends, challenges and more.

Staying on top of trends is crucial for businesses and creators looking to succeed on social media. From trending sounds to popular hashtags and challenges, there are many different types of trends to keep up with. Fortunately, there are easy ways to find the latest trends on TikTok and Reels. Whether you use the search bar, scroll through the For You Page, or check out streaming playlists, there are plenty of resources to help you stay ahead of the curve. And for those looking for an insider's edge, Wave Wyld's Inside Scoop offers a comprehensive trend report with over 50 trend and content ideas every week. With these tips and tricks, you can take your content to the next level, get more views and followers and more importantly connect with audiences in a meaningful way.


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