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Welcome to my Blog

Heya TikTok friend,


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me here.  I’m welcoming you with a TikTok dance!


The mission with this blog is to encourage and educate you on leveraging the power of Tiktok for your business. With over 300 clients and 18 million followers gained I’ve first hand witnessed how this app has changed lives. 


My approach to TikTok is NOT about “getting famous” or “going viral”.  I teach a community before virality approach which means that you DO NOT need to go viral or have hundreds of thousands of followers to be successful on the app or grow your business. The idea is to go viral with intention and attract ideal followers who become fans (people who engage, buy and recommend). 

Read on for lots of value and no fluff! Hope it helps and see you on TikTok!


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