What it means to be a content creator in 2022 (and how to become a successful one)

content creator tiktok tips Jul 28, 2022
Welcome to the creator economy — we’re happy to have you! In this new age of social media and digital marketing, content really is king. And where there’s content, there have to be content creators. Over 50 million other content creators have discovered the potential of content creation, now it’s your turn. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what it means to be a content creator and what it takes to become a successful one in 2022.

What is a content creator and what do they do?

Put simply, a content creator is someone who creates content… straightforward, I know. If we’re going to get a bit more technical, a content creator is someone who creates digital content and publishes it online through a variety of channels with the aim of providing value, attracting viewers, and ultimately making a profit in the long run. Content can come in the form of blog posts, short-form videos, articles, podcasts, photos, newsletters, and more.
Content creators come in all different shapes and sizes — you could have 1,000 followers or 100 000; you could specialize in one niche or a few. One of the main rules in content creation — there are no rules. There’s a range of jobs and skills that fit into content creation:
  • Copywriting for social media, blogs, emails, media, and more
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Video & Editing
  • Visuals and graphic design
  • Audio and podcasts
All content creators come together to create the buzzing and thriving creator economy — the sector of the economy that contains businesses and tools that contribute to the creation of content around the world.
Some people seem to think that being a content creator is not a ‘real job.’ Well, considering the valuation of the creator economy is sitting around $104.2 billion, I might have to disagree. Whether it’s freelance, part-time, or full-time — content creation is not just a hobby, it’s a job, and for some a very lucrative job. This means that both aspiring content creators and everyone else should treat content creation as a legit business. My first tip to be a content creator — take it seriously.
Why does everyone want to be a content creator in 2022?
So why are people flooding to the creator economy? Well, for one, it’s one of the best industries in the world. Here’s why:
  • The freedom: Why go back to the office when you could work from home, choose your hours, be your own boss, maybe even become a digital nomad if you’d like and travel the world.
  • The creativity: You not only get the chance to explore and develop your skills, passions, and creativity, but you can use them to make a living.
  • The opportunity to spread your message: It’s an opportunity to have your voice heard. Whether you’re advocating for a cause or sharing your values or looking to connect with others who feel the same about creating a community.
  • The potential for growth: Not everyone is able to take their content and turn it into a profitable business, but if you know what you’re doing, the potential for growth is limitless — you’d be surprised at how quickly you can go from 0 to 100.
  • The potential for profit: With growth comes profit, if you play your cards right — with such massive audiences to work with, it gives you an endless pool of profit to draw from.

Content creator vs Influencer — What’s the difference?

Now when I say content creator, I’m not referring to influencers. Content creator and influencer often get used interchangeably — naturally so, both create content and both have the power to influence. But there’s a distinct difference between the two, found mainly in their intention and focus, and it’s actually quite simple:
Influencers intend to influence and creators intend to create content — with an influencer, the focus is more on the person rather than the content, and with a content creator, content comes first and then maybe the face behind it.
So while some content creators can tend towards an influencer role, most content creators don’t post on their own personal accounts or take brand deals, they often work as freelancers offering their services to brands and companies that need everyday people to make content about their products. Content creators primarily make money based on their content, not on their personality or personal brand as an influencer would.

What it takes to be a successful content creator

Now we get to the juicy stuff! If up until this point, you’ve just been getting more and more excited about following your contention creation dreams, here’s where you’ll learn how to put it into action.
To be a kick-ass content creator, you need to:
  1. Know your niche and audience
  2. Build an engaged community with community-focused content
  3. Take advantage of multiple channels, such as different social media platforms, emails, and blogs
  4. Stay ahead of the game by constantly learning and developing your skills in content creation and marketing
  5. Be consistent with your content
  6. Be efficient and disciplined with your time and productivity
  7. Understand the platforms you’re working with, whether it’s an algorithm or SEO, or staying up to date on the latest trends. 

Bonus tip: Where to find jobs for UGC content creators

Looking for the best place to find jobs for user-generated content creation (UGC)?
Many content creators advertise their services in Facebook groups that are specifically for TikTok ads. They create a post about their services since there are many media buyers looking for people to make content for brands. They often include a rate sheet (sort of like a media kit) and often include some sample videos they have created.


If you’re ready to transform your life and enter the wonderful world of content creation, then jump right in. There’s endless potential and opportunities waiting for you on the other side. All you have to do is start today!
If you’re looking to dip your toes into TikTok — well, I’m the TikTok Queen. I’ve helped hundreds of creators like you grow their TikTok empires, build engaged communities, and make money. And if you’re looking to find your creator economy community, join my Facebook group for TikTok entrepreneurs with over 5.5k creators just like you.

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