Business TikTok: Badass Ideas for TikTok Video Content

Aug 05, 2021
Hello fellow business owner! Are you sitting there scratching your head wondering what types of videos to create and post on TikTok? I know that feeling! Sometimes we get in a creative rut and feel powerless and stuck with our content. Just know that it's completely normal and okay! I’m here to help you get inspired and provide badass ideas for TikTok video content that convert into followers and sales.
Before we get into the list, let's think about what’s already in your content bank and what you can repurpose. However, I don’t recommend directly reposting content from other platforms to TikTok.
TikTok has its own culture and format, so it’s best to take the initial message and reformat it to short-form video.
For example, an inspiring quote, blog post, or educational instagram caption can easily be repurposed into a video. You could use music that is timed to text boxes of the words in the quote, or say something in a video about why that quote inspires you. Longer form content like that blog post or education instagram caption can be shortened to a “talking head” video. Then, use a call- to-action to direct people on where to find this longer form content to get more information.
If you don’t have a huge content bank of ideas don’t worry! Below is where you can find some inspiration with examples.
1. Before and After - TikTok viewers LOVE to see a transformation. Whether it’s going from dirty to clean, rolled out of bed to full hair and makeup, or showing a fitness transformation. These videos are very popular on TikTok.
2. Time-lapse Videos - Showing your process at a faster speed is a great way to show any of the processes you do in your business. From making a product to packaging videos, to designing a graphic on a computer. People love to see how you do what you do!
@kendalfuhrman uses both before and after and time-lapse video techniques
3. Workspace Tour - Whether you are redesigning a new workspace or just want to show your set up and explain why it works, sharing this behind-the-scenes type of content creates relatability. See @xxl.scrunchie workspace tour below.
4. Morning or Evening Routine - This type of video content will answer the question, what do you do after waking up or before going to bed? Share any hacks or tricks that you partake in and could help others. Check out the example from @courtandnate below.
5. Behind The Scenes (BTS) - TikTok culture is all about what your life is really like, leave the curated, highlight reel for Instagram. Basically, anything you do in your business can be a piece of content! From receiving new inventory, to brainstorming new product ideas, to shipping orders. There are endless possibilities and opportunities to share what’s going on in your business.
6. Curated Content - These types of videos reflect your favourites. For example - best websites for free stock photos, your favourite apps, 5 things you can’t live without, or favourite tools you use in your business. @armanarshe has an excellent example.
7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) - What questions do potential or current customers ask you? If you don’t have any FAQ’s try searching Quora for common questions in your industry for more inspiration.
8. How to Videos - These types of educational videos are insanely popular on TikTok. You can instruct how to do anything that can help your target audience. Some ideas are how to remove a background in a photo, how to find quality clothes on a budget, how to draw a cat, how to grow tomatoes, how to make more sales on Etsy, any how-to-video that applies to your niche is great evergreen content that is valuable to viewers.
Below I share a very quick tutorial on a fast way to crop your photos for the popular green screen effect in TikTok.
9. Duets - This is a feature unique to TikTok that allows you to react or add commentary to another video on the screen. You can encourage your customers to do an “unboxing video” when they receive their order and then duet it to show love and appreciation.
10. Industry Updates - Sharing some news or things happening in your industry that need to know about is another valuable piece of educational content.
11. Opinions/Reviews - Make a video about how you feel about something whether it’s a topic in the news, pop culture, or something in your industry. Reviewing products is also popular, watch this video below from @rocio.roses
12. Seasonal Content - There is a holiday almost every month of the year. Share how you celebrate! Do you have a sale, promotion or special offer? Some of the popular holidays are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s day, Halloween and Christmas.
13. Promotional Videos - You are on TikTok to grow your business and make sales, so you need to let people know what you offer and how to purchase it. Make a video sharing offer, encourage sign up to any freebies by explaining the benefits of a new guide you made, promote any other community you have where you continue to nurture leads.
14. Share Your Story - Storytelling is a huge aspect to successful TikTok videos. Share a video about who inspires you, why you started your business, the story behind your business name or a mistake you made and how you recovered from it. If you aren’t sure how to tell your story and you need more inspiration check out this blog post “ x “
15. Social Proof Videos - Do you have an awesome review on your website? Have you helped someone achieve a transformation and can share it through photos? Did a client write you a testimonial? You can use these in a video to celebrate you and your business. Get creative with sounds or music and have fun showcasing how credible and talented you are! Here's an excellent example below from another student, @bmarkfit.
16. Product Videos - Showcase your product! Which item is a bestseller? How does your product work? Where do people buy it? Which item is your favourite? Make videos that answer these questions. One of my students @thepawfectmatchshop makes creative and fun videos about the products in her dog accessories business.
17. Feedback Videos - These are videos that ask a question to your audience. Do you wonder what people like best about your products? How do they use it? What colours do they prefer? What shipping options work best for them? All you have to do is ask them and give options for answers, or invite them to share their opinion in the comments. @tasselamor does a great job of engaging her audience. Watch her feedback example video below.
I hope this helped to get the creative juices flowing. 

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