7 Ways to Optimize Your TikTok Profile

May 20, 2021
Your profile page on TikTok is your digital business card. I know you put a lot of effort into making videos therefore, you want to be sure you are optimizing EVERY feature available to you.
When a video hits the FYP your existing content and profile may be the deciding factor in whether or not a viewer hits the follow button. You need to communicate within seconds, who you are, what you do, and why someone should follow you instantly.
If you follow these guidelines you can maximize your reach, establish your brand and make it work profile for you!

1. Username

This is the name of your account and found below the profile photo. Make your name memorable, short and something that reflects your content. Keep in mind you can only change it once every 30 days so make sure you like it before hitting the save button.

2. Name

This is the field above your profile photo. It is optimized for search-ability so consider adding keywords your ideal audience is searching for. If your name doesn’t appear in your username or bio I suggest adding it in the name field too. For example, Jenni - Makeup Artist 

3. Profile Photo

It’s best to use a clear and bright headshot (cropped to your head and chest). It doesn’t have to be professional! Selfies work as long as it is well lit and we can see your eyes and smiling face. Avoid using a personal photo from an event or group photos. Bonus points if you make it applicable to your industry or niche. For example if you make food related content, try wearing an apron. If you are a fitness coach - wear athletic clothes. Want to learn how to go viral on TikTok and gain a million followers? Download this case study to learn how one of my clients went from 8k to 1 million in just two months!

4. Bio

Use your bio to your advantage! You have exactly 80 characters here, emoji’s count as 2 and flags count as 4. Use this exact bio formula to get started. Write 3-4 words on the top line that says who you are, 3-4 words on the second line that says what you do and 3-4 words with a call-to-action that reflects your goals. Also consider how you can make it stand out and be catchy with your language.

5. Link in Bio (Website Field)

To access this feature you need 1, 000 followers on the creator and business accounts. However you can get your link in bio access earlier on the business account if you submit your business information to TikTok. Use a link in bio tool to maximize your links and be able to drive traffic to multiple sites or offers. My favourite is ezbiolink because it doesn’t pull up a security warning and has robust analytics and features.

6. Social Media Links

TikTok allows you to directly add your Instagram profile link and YouTube channel link to your account profile. This way users can click on the button and directly go to your social media channels. Be sure to add these so you can build followers or subscribers to your other channels.

7. Cover Photo & Title

These are the thumbnails you see on your profile grid. The cover titles are not seen on the FYP, they are only seen by viewers on your profile grid. They are essential if you make educational videos and make it easier for viewers to find certain content on your profile. Remember to stay consistent with the colour and theme you decide to choose. Lastly, make sure you can see your face and the title doesn’t cover your view count in the bottom left corner.
I can guarantee that if you follow these exact steps you will have a completely optimized TikTok profile AND stand-out in your niche. Your ideal audience will be more likely to hit the follow button and you will be seen as more of a professional in your industry.
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Best of luck on your new TikTok profile!

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